6 Important Facts About Mulch Selection/Installation

1. Color
Color selection is very important in the way your home will look. If you want a rich natural look you should look into our Double Processed Hardwood Bark mulch, or our Mocha Brown. The Mocha Brown and Midnight Black are a double processed hardwood bark mulch, with no unneeded fillers. We also offer dyed red for homes that would benefit from a sharp color contrast.

2. Quality
A number of mulch, and landscape supply yards have begun to grind pallets, and storm damage cleanup into their mulch to cut down on cost. While this might seem like a good business decision the negative side of this practice is the dramatic decrease in quality of the material you will be working with. We pride ourselves in not cutting cost, and bring you the best quality material possible.

3. Weather Conditions
If you are planning on mulching around your home there are a few things Mother Nature could do that might make you want to think twice about which mulch you want to put down. A coarse, single ground material would be better to use if you are mulching a hillside that rain will continually run down. A coarse material will stay in place and also would not be blown around by the wind as easily as a double shredded material would be, although double processed is better for plant life.

4. Price
The cost of a landscape project should not be the determining factor in whether or not you do it. Especially when it comes to mulching. We offer very competitive rates and have suitable mulch material for every mulching project, our cheapest mulch is the Single Processed Hardwood, while our most expensive is our Cypress mulch.

5. Don’t Crowd the Flowers
The best part of a flowerbed is the contrast of colors from the bright pigments of the plants to the rich color of the mulch. It is very important to know that you should not crowd the plants when you’re mulching. Mulch should slope down to the base of the flower, not be a mound that leads up to it. Mulching too close to the base of the flower can be very destructive to plant life.

6. Seasonal Maintenance
If you want to get the biggest bang for your buck, there is one easy thing you can do to ensure your mulch beauties longevity. As we all know the power of the sun’s rays can really fade out once very vibrant colors. Mulch is no different. We recommend that a couple times a month you “turn” your mulch. This is a very simple process that will only take a few minutes per bed and will make your home look like it was freshly mulched once again. Simply take a leaf rake out to your existing mulch beds and lightly rough up the mulch, this will turn what is on top and bring some up from the bottom that has yet to see the sun. You’ll be left with a rich color similar to when it was first applied to your landscape design.