Decorative Stone

All of our stone is weighed so you know exactly what you are paying for!

Artic Rainbow
Artic Rainbow     Artic Rainbow Bin 2 

Autumn Red

Autumn Red     Autumn Red bin 2    


Black Frost
Black Frost     Black Frost bin 2

Black Lava
Black Lava     Black Lava bin 2    

Brick Chips
Brick Chips     Brick Chips bin 2

Cordova Gold
Cordova Gold     Cordova Gold Bin 2

Eagle Bay
Eagle Bay     Eagle Bay bin 2

Glacier Cobble Small (3 inch) Large (3-6 inch) sizes are approximate
Small Glacier Cobble     Small Glacier bin 2
Large Glacier Cobble     Large Glacier bin 2

Grey Slate Chips

Grey Slate Chips     Grey Slate Chip Bin 2    

#4 Lime Stone
#57 Lime Stone
#8 Lime Stone
Lime Stone Screenings

Lucky Stone
Lucky Stone     Lucky Stone Bin

Marble Chips
Marble Chips     Marble Chip Bin

Montana Creek

Montana Creek

Red Lava
Red Lava Rock     Red Lava Bin

River Stone
1's & 2's

Large River
Medium River
Small River

Western Sunrise
Western Sunrise     Western Sunrise Bin

All natural stone products will vary in size and color throughout the season without notice, please consider this when doing projects that may take more than one load of stone.