Why We Weigh Our Stone

Here at Frank Brothers we like to make sure our customers are getting the best quality material, and customer service, this is why we weigh our stone. We have a large scale in our yard that allows us to give the customer the amount of materials needed to best suit their job. For example; if you have an area that is 10' wide x 20' long x 3" deep you will need 2.222 yards of stone. Most landscape supply yards only sell stone to you by the yard whether it be in 1 yard or half yard increments the customer is at a disadvantage for two reasons. First off if you need 2.222 yards of stone at other places you will be faced with the choice of getting 2 yards and running short, or buying 2.5 yards and having an abundance of stone left over. And secondly if they sell stone by the yard you as the customer don't really know what you're getting, because not all stone weighs the same as each other. Black lava rock weighs no more than 1,000 pounds per yard while Eagle Bay is close to 2,500 pounds per yard. Weighing your stone is the only way to get the exact amounts you're paying for.